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Ever since I was a kid, whenever my family and I went out for dinner, I would order a rack of ribs. It was my go to and, to me, there was nothing better. And it was because of a delicious rack of ribs that Comfy Pig exists today. I will get to that later. As a kid, I knew what food I liked and did not want to try anything else. However, that would not fly with my parents. If I did not want to try something my mom cooked because I didn’t like it, my dad told me to try it with a smile on my face. Eventually my taste for foods that were not chicken nuggets, Kraft mac and cheese or salad grew and with it, so did my love for food. I would work in a few restaurants growing up and eventually went to Saint Joseph’s University and studied Food Marketing. A year after graduation, I ended up working in a restaurant for 6 years. There, I got more hands on experience on every aspect of the industry. I left there, after getting married and having a baby, and wanted to spend time with my family and work a “normal” 9-5 job. But I always dreamed that I would someday return to the food industry and have my own establishment. Then, in 2010, I found that rack of ribs that changed my life. A close friend got a smoker for his birthday. Soon after, I tried a rack of ribs he made and that smile my dad always told me to try new foods with came to my face. But this wasn’t a forced smile. This was the smile that comes to your face when you try something for the first time and you are left speechless so all you can do is smile. Out of all the ribs I had throughout my life, this was the best I ever tasted. That day I knew I needed a smoker at my disposal so I can have food like that whenever I wanted it. I got my first smoker as a Christmas gift that year and was outside in a blizzard a few days later cooking up my first batch of ribs. I was not disappointed and neither were the few people I shared it with. Over the next year, while building a bigger smoker with my dad, I worked on cooking up that perfect rack of ribs and coming up with my own BBQ sauce to put on top of it. Then in December of 2011, with my wife and family fully supporting me, the Comfy Pig Brand was launched. It started out cooking food for family and friends. Over the years it has grown more than I could have ever imagined. I have cooked for ordinary family Sunday dinners, Super Bowl parties, Memorial Day picnics, etc. I have also had the pleasure to cater the Sherman School Beach Bash and other events. The amount of compliments I receive are overwhelming but remind me of why I started Comfy Pig in 2011. It is my passion to make food that people will talk about. I want people to try my food and have it be some of the best food they have ever had. Comfy Pig’s goal is to, once you have that first bite, put that unforced smile on your face.

Todd Peterson

Executive Chef & Owner

Savory BBQ and Comfort Food
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